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Theresa May, Make or Break for Brexit?

Theresa May, UK’s Prime Minister, has received the backings of all the Members of the Parliament (MPs) to renegotiate her Brexit (withdrawal of the UK from the EU) deal with the European Union.

The United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union in less than two months from today. But, what matters the most now is how is this going to happen?

Many major considerations should be taken into account and the British MPs have given Theresa May the green light to renegotiate parts of the Brexit agreements.

Source: CNN

But they have declined the chances of leaving EU without any deal on the line.

However, the EU is opposing to any reopening of the current agreement which has been signed in November after the long 18 months of negotiations between the UK and the EU leaders.

They have come to an agreement on the terms of the UK’s exit from the 28-member bloc.

But the British MPs have rejected the notion earlier this month, which pressures Theresa May to come up with a Plan B, with a special focus on the controversial issue of the Irish border.

Source: The National

Is Therasa May capable of convincing the EU to open negotiations again? Or is British going to crash out of the block with no deal?

The presenter for this INSIDE STORY segment on the issue is Richelle Carey, with guests Catherine McBride (Senior economist in the international trade and competition unit at the Institute of Economic Affiars), Pieter Cleppe (Head of the Brussels Office for the Open Europe think-tank) and Jonathan Lis (Deputy Director of British Influence, a pro-EU think-tank)

Watch it live at Tonton: Al Jazeera Live on the INSIDE STORY slot.

We don’t want to miss out on the world’s current issue too!

Source: Al Jazeera

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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