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Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won to Act Together Again

Is it possible for someone to marry another person without knowing it? Apparently yes for Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won’s characters in an upcoming drama called See You Again.

Apparently, the two thought that they would never meet again but fate had another thing coming for the two.

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Written by the esteemed Kim Eun Ji who has produced multiple famous dramas such as Oh My Venus, this one will surely be as entertaining too.

A representative confirmed on May 15th, 2018 that these two esteemed actors will be starring in the show, Allkpop reported.

The person said,

“Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won are playing the leads in Netflix’ ‘See You Again’. They’re doing a table reading this Saturday on the 19th (May).”

This isn’t the first time Jong Suk and Ji Won are working together. Back in 2011, the duo both acted in High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short-Legged which was one of the most famous drama series at that time.

High Kick usually uses the real names or names which sound very closely to the real actors’ names. They also sometime use story-lines which are somewhat related to the celebrities too.

Hopefully, See You Again will also be as good as High Kick.

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