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Here’s a Special VIP Treatment from tonton in Conjunction with Hari Raya

Hari Raya is fast approaching and it’s one of those special times where the whole extended family gathers together. Of course, catching up with each other over some delicious rendang is fun but why not amplify the mood with some great entertainment.

Where else can you get a vast of endlessly engaging content if not on Malaysia’s #1 OTT platform, tonton. From 15th May until 30th June, 2018, a special campaign called #rayaMacamVIP will be run just for all viewers.

To make your Raya celebrations more meaningful, tonton is offering best telemovie catch-up titles such as Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin Raya, Din Sardin Beraya, Wan Peah Balik Beraya and many more.

Apart from that, grab the chance to enjoy with your whole family two brand-new Korean dramas SUITS and Lawless Lawyer, on top of a new Hollywood Marvel TV series Cloak & Dagger.

Several tonton First drama series are also prepped just in time for raya for the entire family’s enjoyment. From dramatic series such as Petua Nenek, My Sensei Nyonya and even I, REMEMBER.

Aside from online fun, tontoneers will also be distributing special Raya edition merchandises in selected Rest Areas (R&Rs) across the nation!

Starting from June 12th until 14th, special subscription packages, the chance to redeem special edition duit raya envelopes and even FREE monthly promo codes are up for grabs. Just say hi to the tonton crew and  be spoiled with freebies.


If you couldn’t catch our beloved tontoneers, then head on over to Google Play App Store which is offering up to 50% off for all subscription packages exclusively for Android users. The platform partnered up with tonton just so users can enjoy a rate as low as RM5 per month!


The deal is only for a limited time though so mark your calendars as it will only be available between June 18th and 24th.

Plus, don’t forget to check out xtra’s website this month for a variety of recipes you can try out to serve your guests this raya. There are also tips and tricks you can pick up which will enhance your culinary skills, all thanks to Chef!

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