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Watch the Behind-the-Scenes of Pulang on tonton

Pulang the movie is set to flood Malaysian cinemas on July 26th, 2018 onward with tears from sobbing audiences.

The plot, which is strongly based on a true story of a Malaccan family, is filled with romance, action and tragedy like no other. At first glance, one would have thought that this story was just part of someone’s imagination.

However, as you watch on, you realise that it is truly realistic. Back when telephones cease to exist, the only form of communication was through face-to-face conversations and letters.

Even so, the letters take weeks to arrive at its designated place, and sometimes it just never reaches to whom it was meant for.

The movie wasn’t easy to bring to life either. About 80% of the movie was completed with CGI and it was done to near-perfection thanks to Primeworks Studios.

Watch as the actors bring life to scenes which were filmed with some props and green screens, and then watch as they are turned into epic parts of the movie.

The behind-the-scenes can be watched on tonton!

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Elemen Cinta Penuh Emosi Dalam Teratai Kemboja

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Setakat 31 Disember 2017, filem ini sudah meraih 8.5 juta penonton sekaligus menjadikan filem ini sebagai filem nombor dua yang mengutip jumlah jualan tiket tertinggi pada tahun 2017 selepas 11 hari tayangannya di pawagam. Wow!

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