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The 32nd Anugerah Juara Lagu is happening right now at Axiata Stadium Bukit Jalil!

Many amazing local celebrities graced the event and they definitely put on some amazing outfits too. From beautiful princess-like dresses to modern hipster clothes, this star-studded event is truly lit.

Check out some of the best dressed celebrities tonight:

1. Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan isn’t a model for nothing. She put on a glamourous red dress with lace on the upper body part which portrayed a graceful demeanor.

Elizabeth is also obviously a risk-taker and a rebel as she broke the no.1 red carpet rule; do not wear red when walking down the red carpet.

Regardless, she absolutely nailed it with this red dress tonight.


2 & 3. Jazel Lim & Dennis Yin

Jazel and Dennis are one of Malaysia’s many power couples. The pair just looks so stunning tonight.

Jazel is wearing an popping red dress which is a tad bit revealing but somehow makes it look all the more elegant. Dennis on the other hand could not look any dapper in his suit and red shirt.

They too, like Elizabeth, broke the golden rule of the red carpet. But they definitely look outstanding tonight.


4. Ifa Raziah

Ifa is a singer, actress, comedian, entertainer, critic, ambassador, entrepreneur as well as a TV host who is famous in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

She truly is a multi-talented gem!

On top of all that, she looks royally stunning tonight with her queen-like dress. Who could ever beat a woman like her anyways?


5. Nur Sajat

Nur Sajat absolutely slayed the red carpet with a colourful retro dress. Some may say that the 80’s are calling back for that outfit but we say it is absolutely jiving.

With one side of her dress being sleeveless and the other in a long sleeve, she’s got a symmetric edge too her shiny clothes too.


Who do you think wore their outfits best?

P.S, catch AJL32 live right now on tonton.com.my or xtra.com.my so that you’re not missing out.

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