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Alan Walker Believes Malaysia is Making a Great Impact on the Environment

The world’s climate is changing and we have more than enough scientific data to prove it, whether people choose to believe it or not.

The Earth is seeing extreme weathers, ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising,  ecosystems are changing and worst of all, more and more species are facing extinction.

The biggest problem of it all would be people’s lack of exposure to the true dangers of global warming, which is why platforms like TikTok choose to collaborate with artists like Alan Walker to spread the awareness on this particular topic.

The world-renown DJ said,

“I want to use my voice to raise awareness on climate change and the environment where we live, and TikTok is a great partner to do so, as it has become a dynamic platform for expression.

“All together, we can create a different world.”

TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, recently launched a global environmental-themed challenge, #DifferentWorld, in collaboration with international DJ Alan Walker.

The launch of this challenge coincides with the recent release of the renowned DJ’s debut studio album, Different World, through Sony Music.

The song “Different World” featured in the album addresses climate change, with the lyrics and music video reflecting the current state of the environment, and driving home a message of hope for a different world if everyone works together to combat climate change.

In a phone interview with xtra, Alan shared about how he started caring for the environment since he was still little. He said,

“When I was younger, I was part of a group in Norway. We kinda just went around to pick up trash and basically just do anything we can to help the environment.”


Besides, though as grave as the climate is becoming, Alan keeps it optimistic by believing that there’s still time to change matters and every little help from each people does have an affect.

He elaborated,

“I think it’s not too late for a change, and anyone can make a change for the greater and good. We’re not completely out of time.

“I’m no expert when it comes to the timing and everything, but I think if we all just work together, we can actually do something really big and make a bigger impact for this world.”

In fact, Alan would like to thank every Malaysian who has done their part towards a better world.

“I’m really happy to see a lot of support coming from Malaysia when it comes to my music. And I’m glad to see that you’re doing pretty well over there.

“I can’t wait to be back.”

And Malaysia can’t wait to have you back too!

Check out Alan’s album Different World now on Spotify and YouTube and follow Alan on TikTokInstagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to download TikTok if you don’t already have it.

TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones, and is committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos.

In early 2018, TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps in the world and is available worldwide for iOS and Android.

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