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Disney x dUCk ; dUCk Introduces Frozen Collection Scarves

When dUCk meets Frozen 2..

Homegrown fashion brand, dUCk has gained major success and recognition owing to do the brand having major collaborations with international movie franchises with the like of 20th Century Fox through dUCk x X Men and dUCk x Crazy Rich Asian. Once again, dUCk spread its wings even higher with Disney collaboration and most highly anticipated movie, Frozen 2. 

The limited edition scarves are nothing without the significant prints. The lovely cool toned printed Satin Silk scarves feature snowflake motifs that are so synonymous with Frozen 2. Each scarves are presented with Frozen’s character names and elements like Anna, Elsa, Earth, Fire, Wind and the special Frozen Swarovski collections, Frosty and Pink. 

The printed scarves come in six different tones — each embellished with different patterns, and are available in both Shawl and Square. Each scarves come with a dUCk charm adorned at its end, making it the perfect statement piece to your ootd.

When creating this collection, I looked to the film for inspiration. Besides the sisterly bond of Elsa and Anna, the icy landscapes of Arendelle and the characters’ clothing, played a big part in what you see. The next two scarves in this collection are named Earth and Anna respectively.


The dUCk x Frozen 2 collaboration also comes in dUCk’s signature Swarovski scarves, specially made from Australian-crafted Swarovski, this majestic sparkling collection is available in both Square and Shawl, retailing at RM600.00.

With this new dUCk x Frozen 2 collection, dUCk has proved once again that they reigned number one as the best exclusive and limited edition scarves specially designed for urban women out there.

Love you, D!

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