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As we all learn a bit more about mental health issues and also to take it more seriously, we know that depression is no joke.

Some people may still be ignorant enough to say that depression is ‘all in your head’, that person just ‘lacks willpower’ or that someone is ‘just being lazy’, but many of us know that it is more than just a made-up excuse of an illness.

Depression is real.

Source: Alicia Amin

Depression has eaten up many people. For some, it may have been as mild as feeling a kind of sadness for no reason, while for some people, it was severe enough ’til it killed them.

In 2017, we’ve already lost two amazing singers to this damned illness – Chester Bennington and Kim Jonghyun.

As for Alicia Amin, she thankfully pulled through her shocking attempt at killing herself.

Source: Alicia Amin

In an eye-opening Instagram post, she wrote,

“Early 2017, I woke up in a psych ward and had to stay for one week because I attempted suicide and failed. I have never spoken about this, ever.

“This was after I filmed AsNTM but no one knew, before I had finished moving home from Melbourne and before I learnt that standing up for myself and things I believe in would inspire so many others who felt like they were in the dark.

“6 months later I took this photo in Pulau Tenggol and learnt how difficult underwater photography is.”

Source: Alicia Amin

2017 has been a tough year for a bunch of us, and Alicia knows this very well.

“I will not promise you that everything works out the way you want it, because life is unpredictable: we all go through different hardships and different demons.

“But, I do urge you to hold on just a little longer, allow yourself a few more mistakes and say ‘yes’ to all the love you can before even think of giving up.

“You will be surprised how much a little faith, forgiveness and kindness from yourself – to yourself will help everything get better!”

Source: Alicia Amin

Indeed, the undeniable truth is that we all need to learn to love ourselves. Others could love us but if we don’t allow ourselves to be treated right, we won’t actually feel the beautiful emotion of love.

Seeing as Alicia’s 2017 began pretty wobbly, she’s determined to launch her 2018 on the better direction.

“I’m welcoming 2018 with more travels, rainforest & ocean kind – keep an eye out for the vlogs!!

“I will keep telling netizens that women have rights, that we should love our tanned skin & that every body is beautiful- tekcik or mokmok. Happy New Year everyone! Let’s smash 2018!”

Source: Alicia Amin

Cheers everyone to a better year ahead!

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