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Asia Comic Con 2018 Filled with Much Love from Malaysians

The much-anticipated Asia Comic Con (ACC) 2018 carried out with a bang over the weekend at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

The exhibition hall was flooded from July 13th until 15th, 2018 with many high profile people such as Regional Founder Krit Vitayasamrit, Malaysia Partners and Organisers Tan Mong Chon, Michael Zchang, Vincent Low of I Hub Advertising, and all the amazing fans.

Thousands of tickets were sold as soon as they were available for sale and even the VIP tickets were snapped up pretty quickly. The venue was filled to the brim with human beings in all sorts of outfits.

Cosplay has become part-and-parcel of the anime and comic books culture. During such conventions, people love to dress up as their favourite characters and many of them definitely look as realistic as possible.

Meanwhile, collecting merchandises has also become very much part of the geek culture which we all love.

Chairman and Company Director of I Hub Advertising, Tan Mong Chon said,

“Pop culture has a special place in my heart and I’m pleased to present an event where fans can gather to share their common interest, from superhero franchises and gaming to anime and collectables.

“The Asia Comic Con is a unique event in that it combines the best of international and Asian fandoms.

“The movement has spread quickly from Thailand in 2017 to Malaysia this year, and I hope it will continue to grow in the years to come so more Asians get to experience it.”

Meanwhile, General Manager Michael Zchang had to say,

“Organising Malaysia’s first-ever Asia Comic Con has been a privilege and I’m very thankful to all our partners and vendors for their support in making this a successful, fan-focused experience that combines the best pop culture has to offer.

“I’m also very glad for the support of all the Malaysian fans who never fail to show their passion – hence we’ve made every effort to curate six unique zones to give you the best of comics, movies, series, manga, anime, toys, gaming, and cosplay to enjoy.”

Buzzing with excitement, lines of eager fans waited to step into the fascinating world of collectables, memorabilia and rare displays ranging from Marvel and DC to Star Wars and more; others couldn’t wait to test their skills in a game of Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering.

Not forgetting the current most raved about topic which would have to be football.

The Moh Skor E-Sports Tournament featuring FIFA Online 3, FIFA18 and fantasy favourite Mobile Legends got people excited too. Legendary artists NoB (Super Sentai and Saint Seya) and mao (Doraemon)’s appearances probably has got something to do with it.

Feel left out? There are no confirmations yet but looking at the success rate of the country’s first Comic Con, we can safely assume there’ll be another one next year.

Watch out for more events coming your way on xtra.

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