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Catch the Dynamic Canadian Band, Diamonds Live at Zeta Bar

Über stylish Zeta Bar is a popular venue for the late night circuit and is the place to be seen and heard.

The only club in town that features a live international band, it has a cool vibe that is perfect if you’re in the mood for great music and a vibrant club scene.

Zeta Bar is proud to welcome to its stage, the highly skilled band known as Diamonds.

Originally from Canada, Diamonds have been performing in the finest 5 star hotels around the world since 2012 covering countries such as China, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and even the USA.

For the next three months, guests are invited to witness Diamonds live as they perform a wide range of music which includes genres such as Pop, Disco, Classic and even Latin. 

Diamonds will be playing at Zeta Bar from 8th April 2019 – 6th July 2019.

Their show times are as follows:

Monday – Tuesday; 9:45PM – 1:30AM

Wednesday – Saturday; 10:00PM – 2:30AM

To make a reservation to catch Diamonds live at Zeta Bar, kindly call +603 2264 2264 or email [email protected].

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