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Check Out the Largest Comic Artwork Drawn on Tissue Paper in Sunway Pyramid

Tissue brand Vinda Deluxe continues to celebrate strength in various forms.

With their latest campaign, “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita“, they unveiled the largest comic artwork drawn by Malaysian Cartoonist Zunar on tissue paper.

Evelyn Chan, the Marketing Director of Vinda Group Southeast Asia, said,

“Vinda Deluxe is synonymous with strength, and this latest effort underscores our ongoing promise to Stay Strong For You through every situation and circumstance.

“Zunar’s creation demonstrates the strength of Vinda Deluxe tissues while calling for Malaysians to stand firm in their dream of making a positive change.”

Meanwhile, Zunar added,

“Malaysia is going through an unprecedented chapter in our nation’s history. We have achieved a ‘new’ Malaysia but it’s now time for Malaysians to look deep inside and think about what else needs to be done.

“My artwork reflects the urgent need for us to tackle the root of our problems, cutting them off if necessary, so that we can grow new shoots that are strong and positive.

“I hope this campaign serves as an inspiration for all Malaysians to uproot all our bad habits so we can remain strong and united, and create a country that is cleaner and better for all.”

Don’t forget to catch this epic 16 feet by 8 feet art piece at Sunway Pyramid (Central Avenue, LG2) between 14th and 17th September. The comic strip will be on public display for that limited amount of time only!

There are other interesting on-ground activities for Malaysians of all ages. There will be quiz games, giveaways, tissue craft and even portrait painting on Vinda Deluxe tissues.

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