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Dato’ Sri Eizlan Yusof To Tie The Knot In December, Ending 2019 With A Beautiful Memory

There is no such cozy combination as man and wife.

On December 2nd 2019, Dato’ Sri Eizlan Yusof — an actor, producer, as well as successful entrepreneur announced that he will be ending 2019 with a beautiful memory with his future partner in life.

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Dato’s Sri Eizlan Yusof, 48, whom also a widower blessed with three beautiful children, announced to the public on a media press held at Bora Ombak Putrajaya that the woman of his love is a gorgeous woman of Asian and European blood.

▲ The name of his future wife — Natasha Rosa Boudville.

❝ Three months back, I proposed to Natasha spontaneously and really grateful that she said yes. We’ve decide that 12.12 will be the perfect date for us to create such beautiful memory. ❞

The wedding will be held on the 12th of December while the reception follows on the following day — 13th December 2019. Both ceremonies will be held at Bora Ombak Putrajaya.

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When asked why Natasha is the woman of his choice, the soon-to-be groom revealed,

❝ Natasha has embraced Islam on last August and soon after I’ve decided that she is the one for me. When she showed the funny side and her kindness towards my kids, that is when I realized that she is indeed very beautiful inside out. I’m grateful that my kids received the news with an open heart. ❞

However, Dato’ Sri Eizlan Yusof has yet to revealed the future wife’s face, leaving the mystery until the special day.

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The Malaysian actor was previously married with Vie Shantie Khan back in 2007 but had split ways on February 2015. His previous marriage had blessed him with three children; Vie Zaara (11), Zareef Yusof (9) and Vie Zaalia (6).

Once again, we would like to congratulate the two love birds on their wedding! May love brings you joy!

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