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On December 14, 2017, Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani, or better known as The Sacred Riana, was crowned Season 2 winner of Asia’s Got Talent.

The Sacred Riana is a magician and illusionist. She behaves creepily and talks with a vibrating voice, that is if she speaks at all.

She also constantly twitches her head and left hand. Her outfits are also always along the theme of a Japanese school girl with a pinafore over a white long sleeve shirt, and thigh length white socks.

Here are some fun facts about her!

1. Her character is based on Sadako

Riana’s long hair covering her face was inspired by the girl-ghost Sadako from the Japanese hit movie The Ring. Sadako also rarely spoke, so Riana doesn’t say a single word unless necessary.

For example, in her first appearance on Asia’s Got Talent, she only said the words “She helps me, she helps me…” indicating that her spirit friend helped her with her tricks.

However, any and all questions directed to her went totally unanswered!


2. The idea behind her doll came from Annabelle

Nothing screams creepy like a doll. Famous doll-related horror or thriller movies include Dolls, Child’s Play (a.k.a the Chucky franchise), and Annabelle.

Indeed, Riana’s doll, Riani, was inspired by and somewhat modelled after the Annabelle doll. Though it is a stuffed doll just like the real Annabelle, it looked more like the porcelain version shown in movies.

Either way, Riani is eerie AF!


3. Her idol is David Copperfield

Riana has expressed her captivation by David Copperfield’s magical works (when she is out of character, lah). Of course, many of us have definitely seen some of David’s shows or at least heard of his name.

This award-winning magician has wowed many people with his illusions and tricks over the years. So much so that he has inspired many people to venture into the world of magic, just like Riana.


4. Her father is also a magician

Though David Copperfield gave her inspiration, the man who actually taught her everything she needed to know was none other than her own father.

Her father who is also a magician passed on all his knowledge unto Riana since young.


5. She NEVER breaks character on and off stage

As you can see throughout all of her appearances on Asia’s Got Talent, she never once broke character. Even when she was being interviewed off stage, she stuck to what The Sacred Riana should be.

So, here’s a breakdown of her character:

  • Constant head and left arm twitching
  • Does not speak unless in the act
  • Vibrating voice when she does say anything
  • Expressionless
  • When standing, one leg is bent
  • Hair always covers face
  • Similar fashion style


6. She’s won a couple of magic shows before Asia’s Got Talent

Aside from being crowned winner in Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, she also won Stand Up Magician, being the first Indonesian female to ever win that show.

Besides that, The Next Mentalist was where The Sacred Riana was moulded and perfected. In this show, she had the help of illusionist company, Trilogy Magic Factory, the show’s producer, Sisca, and veteran magician Deddy Corbuzier.

In The Next Mentalist, she won runner up.


7. She’s really shy, cute and sweet in real life

As creepy and eerie as The Sacred Riana is, the true Riana is actually a really bashful and adorable girl. In an interview with Deddy on Hitam Putih (an Indonesian talkshow), Riana showed her true self.

This interview took place in February 2014, way before she joined Asia’s Got Talent. Her smile is totally angelic unlike the character which she plays.

She is also very witty with her replies and proves that she’s got humour too!


So, there you have it. Riana is more than just the creepy figure she portrays on stage, she is also a wonderful person in real life!

Check out her interview on Hitam Putih here:

Follow her Instagram for updates too.

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