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f(x)’s Amber Liu: “I’ll Be Nice When I Can But…”

Most of us would have noticed Amber Liu of f(x) even if we aren’t their fans. She’s often stood out for her looks that are completely different from the typical KPOP girl band styles.

Instead of the mainstream cute or sexy looks, she’s a total tomboy.

Though her difference has made her unique in this industry, there are still haters who will post some negative stuff towards and about her anyways.

In her latest Insta Story, Amber shared a message from a supposed fan who wrote some pretty hurtful things.

The person said,

“Look, I am not saying that because of her being a tomboy or anything.

“I actually really like her and she’s different. But she is using that in the wrong direction by being silly and acting stupid to please people who don’t give a s*** about her just because they like seeing her make a fool of herself.

“Someone needs to tell her it’s OK to be pretty or attractive or even sexy in her own tomboyish ways but instead she behaves and even dresses as a homeless guy being so pathetic.

“And being so pathetic […] a nice for people who don’t deserve. She needs to take herself more seriously.”

Obviously, anyone who knows how hard KPOP idols work should know that they are some of the most hardworking people in the entertainment industry.

And now Amber has decided to speak out. She replied,

“Lol. You got it all wrong bruh. Haha.

“It’s because I don’t give a s*** anymore. I try to have fun, I try to enjoy what I do. I sleep 3 hours a night, work all day, forget to eat all the time.

“Don’t know what else I can do for you. So, I’m sorry I can’t take myself ‘seriously’. Oh and by the way, I’m working on like 6 projects all at once so I would just ask for your patience ’til they get released.

“In the end, I am happy the way I am but thanks for caring enough to share your opinion with me. I’ll keep working harder.

“Lastly, if you want sexy pics, my Insta feed has a variety, so check those out.”

Amber then shared an additional post explaining herself. She wrote,

“I’m not afraid to stand up for myself anymore. I’ll be nice when I can but it doesn’t mean I’m not human and that I don’t have feelings.

“I Will always stand for love and understanding. So people…please chill out and have some fun.

“Life ain’t always about being ‘number 1’ and having ‘things’ just to be cool. Just be you and help each other!”

Of course, we have the freedom to say whatever we want but we should always understand that our words carry a certain weight too.

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