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G-Dragon’s Detailed Personal Info Leaked Online by ‘Fan’

Ever since the Dispatch, a site notorious for its slander against Korean celebrities, released a wild accusation that G-Dragon receives preferential treatment in the military, the singer’s good name was tarnished.

Although both YG Entertainment and Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital – where G-Dragon is admitted in – have denied the accusations with proof, many people still believed that he was indeed being treated specially.

To make matters worse, Dispatch posted a second article further slamming the artist.

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This time, they wrote,

“YG says, ‘no special treatment and no luxury suit’, but the truth is that the luxury suit exists. G-Dragon stayed at room 311 in complex 301. That is the luxury suit.”

And they even got a ‘staff member’ to back them up by saying there are luxury suits.

“There are luxury suits on the 3rd floor of complex 301. Majors and Colonels aren’t even able to freely use these rooms. Privates are definitely not allowed.”

They even dared YG Entertainment to reveal private information about G-Dragon if what they say weren’t true.

“If Dispatch’s reports are malicious, we ask YG Entertainment to release G-Dragon’s admittance records through a non-malicious news source.

“We would like to compare this article with the non-published records.”

Yeah, right. As if YG is going to fall for that trap.

Of course, the hospital reiterated that their initial statement still stands.

However, people who were angry at G-Dragon changed sides after his personal information was leaked online by a different source.

Apparently, it is believed that one of the soldiers staying in the hospital had observed the artist throughout their stay and hand-wrote a detailed report of him.

This included locations of G-Dragon’s moles, tattoos, the medications he takes and more. He sent that to his girlfriend who then posted it online.

Source: Allkpop

When it went viral and people realised just how creepy it must have been for someone to observe another in such detail, they started defending G-Dragon once again.

Some said,

“Imagine someone just observing you and writing down notes and spreading it everywhere. I’m getting goosebumps.”

“If he received a 1-person room for such reason then I understand.”

“Now I understand why celebrities sometimes get preferential treatment.”

This is an all-new level of stalking. Hopefully G-Dragon can get as much privacy as he needs.

Source: Koreaboo & Allkpop

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