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Here’s a Brand New Awesome Malaysian Band Everyone Must Check Out

The Malaysian music scene has always been underappreciated as compared to songs from America and South Korea. We’ve got so many raw talents available here but overlooked due to the lack of opportunities given to them.

This is most likely why veteran local band, An Honest Mistake, decided to make their EP launch a little bit more special than usual – by giving a chance to other bands to shine.

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Credit: Allisamazing

What happened was, AHM toured around six university campuses in the Klang Valley throughout April, 2018, namely KDU University College, UCSI University, Sunway University, Nottingham University, Taylor’s University and SEGi University.

AHM partnered up with Levi’s Malaysia in this tour which has seen so many talents surface. A mentorship session was created for each campus as well with invited guests such as DJ Cuurley, Kidd Santhe, and Damnyoudan.

Aisyah Aziz and DJ Biggie also joined in on the tour by performing a few wonderful songs.

Each campus saw bloodbath as the musicians brought out all they’ve got to fight for the chance of being part of the final showdown’s battle of the bands in The Bee, Publika on May 12th.

Credit: Allisamazing

The turn out was more amazing than expected. Multiple bands came out to battle for the champion spot which promises a single-song recording deal with Pulse Soundworks as well as RM2,000 worth of Levi’s outfits.

On the day itself, talent just poured over like crazy which proves Malaysia does have talent…we just need to wipe the dirt off these gems and they’ll be able to rightfully shine.

The one particular band which everyone absolutely need to check out right now is called Sayonara Sunday. They were announced champions of the Levi’s® Summer Jamming Showdown!

Credit: Allisamazing

The group from Nottingham University consists of vocalist Kevin Kana Jasques, lead guitarist Shaun Wong, bassist Jash Cheah and drummer Lee Jian Han.

The boys absolutely nailed the stage with their smooth performance and creative funk twist to cover songs. But of course, it would have to be Sayonara Sunday’s very own song, Tired Eyes, which won them the title.

Credit: Allisamazing

The story behind their name is pretty interesting and uplifting too. Speaking to xtra, Kevin said,

“I wrote Tired Eyes the same day I named the band. It was a good Sunday…and instead of saying (hello to) ‘Monday Blues’, why not say goodbye to a good Sunday.

“And so…Sayonara Sunday.

“Oh, and also, I couldn’t sleep that night. That’s why…Tired Eyes.”

It takes expertise to replicate the pros but it takes true talent to be able to change something recording artists have done and still make it sound so awesome.

Credit: Allisamazing

Plus, the original song is no joke. There will be no spoilers here. You need to wait until the single is out to be able to appreciate the amazing tune.

Sadly, the band doesn’t have an official social media page yet. But you can follow each band member’s Instagram here:

Kevin: @kevjacques

Shaun: @shaunjmf

Jash: @nibnibyui

Jian Han: @jianhanlee

Credit: Allisamazing

In the meantime, while Sayonara Sunday prepare their song for us all, let’s enjoy An Honest Mistake’s brand new album, The Corporate EP which was just released on May 12th.

The point of the EP is reach out to corporate companies who often prefer local bands to do some covers of popular hit songs. Though AHM has got a tonne of amazing original songs, they totally nailed these covers too with their punk rock twist.

Credit: Allisamazing

Follow An Honest Mistake on Facebook and Instagram, and if you want your very own album, feel free to contact the band directly. They may seem cold thanks to their super cool looks but they’re totally sweet and they don’t bite.

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