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“King of Golden Melody” Jam Hsiao to Stop in Kuala Lumpur for World Tour

Dubbed as the “King of Golden Melody,” Mandapop singer Jam Hsiao is making his way to Malaysia for his “Mr. Entertainment” World Tour on 6 July 2019 at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil at 8pm.

This new tour kicked off in May last year at the Taipei Arena and received overwhelming responses. It has since toured major cities including China, Singapore, Canada and the United States, among others.

Jam has played a creative role in the tour production involving stage design and props, music arrangement and show choreography.

Themed as “Mr. Entertainment”, the concert will deliver all- round experiences from visual to audio, featuring a state-of-the-art stage which resemblance a 3D musical theatre, symbolising that everyone present is a guest of Mr. Entertainment.

Interestingly, he has collaborated with famous fashion labels to produce extravagant outfits to enhance the overall stage presence.

Apart from showcasing his musical prowess, Jam will present a stunning solo drum performance, endeavouring to deliver the best live music experience to his fans.

Jam Hsiao, who shot to stardom in 2007 has released 4 new production albums and 2 cover albums.

His masterpieces include Collection, New Endless Love, The Prince’s New Clothes, Forgive Me, A Fei’s Little Butterfly and so on.

Public Ticket Sales scheduled on 12th April

Proudly presented by MIA, jointly organized by Star Planet, Entertainment Impact and Unusual Productions Hong Kong, ticket sales will commence on 12th April from 11am.

Star Planet members who have signed up on or before 10 April 2019 will enjoy 10% discount on two tickets via phone booking or Star Planet office.

Offer is valid for the first 1,000 tickets sold. Terms apply. Ticket redemption counter will be made available at Atria Shopping Gallery between 11 and 26 May (weekends only) for purchase made on or before 30 April, and 1,000 concert posters will be given out based on first-come-first-served basis.

Tickets are priced at RM828 (VVIP), RM698 (VIP), RM588 (CAT 1), RM488 (CAT 2), RM388 (CAT 3), RM258 (CAT 4) (exclude RM4 ticket fee).

For more information, call Hotline +603 9223 3667 or visit Star Planet’s official website.

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