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John Legend and Red Velvet’s Wendy Collaborate in New Song

Looks like American neo soul superstar John Legend has jumped on the bandwagon and gone on to collaborate with a K-Pop artiste.

Music lovers will get to hear the singer’s silky voice in an upcoming duet with sultry Wendy of popular K-Pop girl group, Red Velvet.

According to Allkpop, Red Velvet’s record label, SM Entertainment, recently released a statement announcing that the two would duet on a hidden collaboration track for its ongoing Station X 0 series.

The duet, titled Written In The Stars, is expected to drop on Oct 19 and will mark the first time Legend works with a K-Pop act.

Red velvet has been making waves since its formation in 2014, and the five-member outfit is known for a slew of hits, including Power Up, Bad Boy, Peek-A-Boo, Red Flavor, Rookie, Russian Roulette and Dumb Dumb.

The multi-talented Wendy, 24, whose real name is Son Seung-wan, also plays the piano, guitar, flute and saxophone.

A simple but cute video of Legend and Wendy sitting together to announce the upcoming song was also posted on Red Velvet’s official Twitter account yesterday.

A match made in music heaven indeed.

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