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Many have heard the news of SHINee’s Jonghyun posthumous album was released yesterday.

But today, there’s a bad news going aroundd which will break Shawols’ hearts. Fans won’t be able to listen to Jonghyun’s song ‘Rewind’ on Korean Broadcasting Station anymore!

According to Allkpop and Koreaboo, Jonghyun’s newest song ‘Rewind’ was deemed unfit and inappropriate, hence it was banned by KBS Broadcast.

Being the broadcast company that is partially funded by the government, many say that it was due to conservative reasons why KBS decided to ban many songs throughout the years.

Sadly, the reason for Jonghyun’s song being banned is said to be due to a few Japanese words that were in the song.

According to Allkpop, the ambiguous lines for the song was, “いち に さん もう一回だけ(もう一回だけ”, which translates to English as “One, two, three. One more time.”

Image via GramUnion

KBS actually does have a thing for banning songs that contain Japanese words. This is due to the rocky history of both Japan and South Korea.

Some of the best examples are PENTAGON‘s “DEMO_01”, Crayon Pop‘s “Uh-ee” and many more solely because of their short and brief Japanese lyrics.

The two countries have had many political disputes over land and historical records, as well as the deep wound in Koreans which was caused by the Japanese during World War 2 which the latter have refused to apologise for up until today.

This is most likely why the South Koreans are actually still unhappy with the Japanese and resort to such decisions.

“Rewind” is a song which was written, composed and arranged by Jonghyun himself as it was initially revealed at the his solo concert ‘The Letter‘ in 2017.

So, it would have been the perfect present for fans to hear the song played at all broadcasts stations. 

Image via Billboard

Unfortunately, fans will not be able to hear to “Rewind” on KBS stations. But fear not, as you still can listen to the song on Youtube and Spotify!

Check out the full song at the below:


Written: Chan Suet Yee 

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