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South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun gave birth to another baby boy on January 26th, 2018.

She and Choi Joon Hyuk (not to be confused with the actor by the same name) got married on April 13, 2012 at Shilla Hotel in Seoul in front of 600 guests which included many celebrity friends.

Source: AsiaOne

The couple finally got pregnant in the second quarter of 2015 and welcomed their first son on February 10th, 2016. Then, in June 2017, Culture Depot released that the Legend of the Blue Sea actress was pregnant with her second child.

Culture Depot, which is Ji Hyun’s own management company, made the announcement of the birth too. They reassured that both mum and babe are in healthy condition.

They wrote,

“Hello. This is Jun Ji Hyun’s label, Culture Depot.

“We wanted to share the news that Jun Ji Hyun gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 26th at 6 pm, at a maternity hospital in Seoul.

“They are currently both happy and healthy, as they try to find stability. Thank you to everyone who congratulated her.

“Thank you.”

The actress has been known to be quite the workaholic. Ever since she was just a teenager, she had already shot to national fame and not long after she achieved international recognition.

Ever since then, she has constantly taken on projects after projects, almost non-stop and one right after the other. Thanks to her great acting skills, she was constantly offered many jobs.

From acting in comedy TV series, modelling for commercials, to acting in action-packed movies, Ji Hyun has done it all.

Her natural good looks have also been the main reason why many brands want her as their ambassador as well.

However, now that she has just given birth to her second son, she and her husband plan on putting their focus on their children before the actress takes on another project.

Congratulations Jun Ji Hyun and hubby Choi Joon Hyuk on your second baby!

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