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Khloe Kardashian is Upset at Tristan Thompson Cheating Allegations

Khloe Kardashian is currently pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

When you think that all is going well for Khloe for starting her own beautiful family with an upcoming baby due this week, things just suddenly went downhill when she just found out that her Tristan totally cheated on her!

What?! That’s just too much!

According to E! Online, over the last week, there were multiple reports with photos and videos as proof which claimed that the Cleveland Cavaliers player kissed and got intimately engaged with other women!

A source explained that Khloe, who is due to give birth soon, is feeling sad and distraught at all these allegations.

She said:

“Her entire world has been turned upside down. She cried hysterically all night. She begged to come back to L.A. and tried to find any way to make it work but her doctor wouldn’t let her.

Image via People

“She just wants to be with her family and leave as soon as possible. Kris is there and [is] completely supporting her.

“She will obviously never be able to trust Tristan again or look at him the same way.

“Her world is shattered. She is in complete disbelief that this is happening. The family absolutely believes it’s in Khloe’s best interest to end the relationship but will support her either way.”

Khloe, who has been known to be a loving girlfriend who will do everything to provide the best for her boyfriend, is currently at her and Tristan’s Cleveland home for the past few weeks while waiting for labour.

However, she has plans to give birth in the city.

“Everyone is in crisis mode and is trying to be very calm for Khloe. They are really worried for her. They are worried about the health of the baby and thinks she will go into labour any second.

“At this point in time, Khloe doesn’t want to speak with Tristan. And the family is keeping them apart until she goes into labour.”

Image via American Barber

Khloe and Tristan’s dating life date back to the fall of 2016. During that time, Tristan’s ex, Jordan Craig, was pregnant with his first child, and she eventually gave birth to a baby boy that December.

Hence, a third source that is close to the Kardashian-Jenner family said:

“It’s really sad but nobody is that surprised just because of who he is. A young athlete with a baby from another woman when he first got with Khloe.”

Image via Mirror.Co

It must be a sad time for Khloe Kardashian as she needs to take care of the baby who will be due any moment this week.

Khloe, you must be strong as the baby definitely needs you the most. We will all be with #teamKhloe on this matter. 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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