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Kyuhyun Officially Discharged + Performing Solo at Seoul Jazz Festival 2019

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun is finally discharged on May 7th, 2019 after serving his mandatory military service since May 25th, 2017, Koreaboo reported.

With the maknae, youngest member, finishing his service, all of the Super Junior members have officially completed their duties to their country.

Donghae and Heechul both met with Kyuhyun and posted pictures on their respective Instagram profiles.

Donghae’s caption read,

“You’re worked hard for 2 years. Now we’re reunited. He’s back! #SJHasAllEndedMilitaryService”

Meanwhile, Heechul’s caption was a simple “Let’s go” with dancing emojis.

Coming back to the entertainment scene has also garnered a buzz among fans as ELFs wonder which of the many variety shows Kyuhyun was active in prior will he return to.

Surprisingly though, it is revealed that the sharp-tongued maknae will not be joining MBC’s Radio Star where we was very much loved for his snarky remarks throughout the 5 years of his appearance as a panellist.

In fact, he actually turned the offer down!

According to Allkpop, a representative told the media,

“Kyuhyun has chosen to turn down the offer for the MC position of Radio Star. He is still discussing his return to New Journey To The West 7.

“He will not be appearing in Kang’s Kitchen 2.”

However, fret not dear fans as Kyuhyun will be appearing solo in the Seoul Jazz Festival 2019 that’s taking place end of the month.

He will be sharing the stage with other amazing artists such as Epik High, Dean, Crush, Lee Hi and even Lauv!

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