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P&G and Shopee are Swaying Away Bad Hair Day for Everyone!

Your hair is like an imaginary crown that you put on everyday which has to stay flawlessly good and healthy. In Malaysia, the most common hair concerns are dandruff, scalp oiliness and hair fall. 

Experiencing these concerns affect more than just physical appearance, it also dampens your mood, and takes a toll on your self-confidence throughout the day. 

To overcome your bad hair days, P&G, parent company of the best-selling hair brands; Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Rejoice and Herbal Essences is partnering with Shopee to launch its ‘Stop Bad Hair Day’ themed Super Brand Day. 

From 8 to 12 April, the P&G x Shopee Super Brand Day, will offer deals of up to 80% off and the launch of brand new products, Rejoice 3-in-1 Perfect and Head & Shoulders Subzero to address some of the most common hair care concerns in Malaysia. 

You can purchase hair care bundles to receive an extra 15% off, enjoy deals from as low as RM1 as well as daily Shocking Sale, and take part in a social media contest and in-app games to win attractive prizes! 

Less Hair Fall with Stronger Hair 

You are not alone in fighting the hair fall scare!

Harsh chemical stress brought about by bleaching and colouring, excessive thermal stress from frequent and prolonged use of hot stylers, and even environmental stress from pollution and UV are said to be the causes of hair fall. 


The Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula goes beyond cleansing to leave hair stronger from base to tip with less tangled when washing or combing for less hair fall.

This shampoo contains keratin damage blocker to help prevent hair breakage resulting in less hair fall with regular usage.


Treat Dandruff at the Source 

Wanting to be 100% flake-free is a shared struggle of Malaysians. Here are the common symptoms of dandruff:

  • Seen obviously through flakes 
  • Itchiness and redness as response to irritation 
  • Dry scalp

Although dandruff is a naturally-occurring condition, your choice of anti-dandruff shampoo is your best ally to ensure you are dandruff-free and your scalp is healthy. 

The world’s number 1 anti-dandruff shampoo, Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol is clinically proven to prevent dandruff.

It comes with Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) technology, a formula that treats dandruff at the source and prevents it from coming back.

It contains menthol for a refreshing sensation and its formula is gentle for everyday use. 


Amazing Smelling Hair All Day Long 

To maintain having amazing-smelling hair is a tough challenge in Malaysia, especially when it feels like it’s always summer in this side of the world.

The pains of commute, exposure to pollution and the sweat kills your hair’s fresh fragrance even right at the moment you leave the house. 

Therefore, a hardworking shampoo like Rejoice Perfume Smooth which has a peony scent crafted by international perfume experts, is the perfect shampoo to keep your hair smelling nice.

It also has a smooth serum for your soft and fragrant locks. 


Wash Your Way to Silky Smooth Hair 

We all want dreamy smooth hair that’s silky to the touch.

However, common obstacles to having that perfect head of hair are excessive heat from the weather or hair-styling tools such as hairdryers, hair colouring, and not giving hair enough moisture and nutrients. 

All you need is the Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo for silky smooth hair!

It is designed to provide the healthy foundation to your hair by gently removing impurities from the hair and scalp without drying to protect your hair for the day-to-day damage inflicted on your hair. 


Restore Your Hair to its Peak Condition  

Split ends, dull hair, and hair breakage are common problems in Malaysia.

Key reasons for hair damage are a hot or humid environment, repeated colouring that strips away nutrients and alters hair structure, or too much styling with hair tools that can make hair more brittle.

The Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Shampoo helps to keep your hair at its optimal state, by balancing out moisture for smooth and manageable hair.

Dry, damaged hair absorbs excess moisture when humid, but Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care locks in essential moisture and shuts out excess humidity for beautiful hair all day in any weather. It contains no dyes or parabens.


All P&G products can be found via the P&G Official Store on Shopee Mall. Products under Shopee Mall come with 15 days return, free shipping and 100% authenticity guaranteed.

Join P&G and Shopee to Stop Bad Hair Day – shop for all your hair care needs now at Shopee!

Grab your bottle of shampoo now!

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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