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South Korean Rapper Zico Says It’s Better to Have Pornography Available

Just recently, the South Korean government started enforcing the ban on foreign pornography sites. This current affair brought upon an old clip of Block B’s leader, Zico, talking about pornography.

The incident took place back in 2016 during one of the episodes of MBC’s Radio Star, Koreaboo reported. Zico confidently shared that he brazenly puts pornography in the background of his computer.

For most people who do watch pornography, it’s a deed usually done in secret. Not everyone’s daring enough to share about it, especially not on international TV like how Zico did.

One of the hosts, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, questioned,

“I heard leaving explicit videos on the background of your computer is the trend these days. Is that why you’re so confident about it?”

Zico replied,

“Yes. I don’t understand people who look negatively upon people who relieve their sexual urges through pornography.

“If they start restricting that method, people will relieve their urges in other ways.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior M’s Henry who also joined the show as a guest, said,

“Wouldn’t there be more sexual assault cases if pornography gets banned?”

Though this incident took place approximately 3 years ago, netizens are still in full support of the rapper’s words.


What do you guys think of Zico and also Henry’s words? Do you agree that banning pornography has more bad effects than good?

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