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Take Your Online Business Offline

In this digital day and age, everything is being pushed online. Whatever business model one may have, they are highly encouraged to do it fully using the internet.

However, this also forces people to lose out on creating better connections with others. Which is why Jason Yee founded the Malaysia Online Business Expo (MOBE).

This year’s MOBE is held from June 1st until June 3rd, 2018, at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. It opens everyday at 10am and ends at 10pm.

Jason hopes that by creating this exhibition, he can provide a proper platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to network, and also to promote their products and services to the masses.

By bringing the online business onto the offline world for a bit, he hopes to be able to bridge business owners to customers. At the same time, he wants MOBE to be the source of drive for individuals to set up their own companies the right way.

Jason shared,

“We have seen a bloom in online business but it is still at its growing stage in Malaysia. MOBE created the opportunity for the public to learn about online business, the challenges and cyber-fraud prevention.

“This is where the exhibitors get together to meet each other and their clients. They have the opportunity to promote, educate and get feedback from their peers and clients.

“Plus, we also hope to inculcate interest to join the online business industry.”

From fashion and beauty to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), the expo promises all sorts of industry we can learn from.

There will also be multiple talks held by leaders from various industries such as Country Manager of iCar Asia Bernard Lee, CEO of Value Online Travis Low, Head of Sales of iPay 88 Kenneth Kuan, etc.

Additionally, some celebrities will also be present like blogger Elizabeth Tan, comedian Harith Iskander, YouTuber Arwind Kumar and more.

Source: Arwind Kumar’s Facebook

Remember to catch all these great people as well as check out the 100+ booths this weekend. FREE ENTRY, leh!

For more information, check out MOBE’s website or Facebook page.

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