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This New Taylor Swift Lover Remix With Shawn Mendes Is Literally Perfect, Listen Now

We all know how Shawn Mendes is such a big fan of Tay Tay like the time when this happen..

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or that time when Shawn Mendes penned a sweet long essay for her when she received TIME Magazine’s 1OO Most Influential people, he called  her “honest and raw as possible and the master of creating a music”..


Taylor Swift’s new album and  single Lover  is such a dreamy masterpiece, the kinda song you want to play at your wedding, the tunes are perfect, the lyrics are  beautiful but  little did we know that Shawn and Taylor have prepared something sweet for their fans!

Taylor took to Instagram to drop this major news their fans!


We have listened to it and we really really loved it. Mendes added her personal touch to the song his own lyrics and these lyrics probably a personal reference to his relationship with Camila Cabello.

“We could light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen, baby. Pictures of when we were young, would hang on the wall. We’ll sit on the stoop, I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re 80. See I finally got you now honey, I won’t let you fall.”

“Look in my eyes, they will tell you the truth. The girl in my story has always been you. I’d go down with the Titanic, it’s true. For you, lover.” 

Aww, the girl in my story has always been you..


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