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WTF is on Neelofa’s Head?!

Malaysians are certainly an imaginative bunch with a wily sense of humour to boot.

In the era of Photoshop it’s common to see that some have even taken a little creative license to express themselves.

And celebrities are no exception from being the subject of these crafty endeavours.

A recent photo of popular TV host-actress-fashionista Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor has been drawing laughs online after being circulated on the social media platform.

The 29-year-old Suri Hati Mr Pilot star who is known to don chic headgears, is seen in a “doctored” photo to be hilariously wearing a handbag on her head.

It seemed that a prankster had digitally added a hanging strap to her trendy head cover which instantly made it look like an arm candy instead.

Neelofa, who is also a successful entrepreneur, was too busy to notice though.

Her recent Instagram posts featured photos of her looking fabulous in Paris, France.

Apparently, she is there to attend a special fashion event for the international luxury label Dior, in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week 2018 which is currently running till Oct 3.

Source: NST

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