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Malaysia Airlines Now Has Special Discounts and Offers for Student Travellers!

Malaysia Airlines has become the first airline in the world to offer a fully digitalised student travel programme called MHexplorer, making it convenient to manage and plan their own trips.

In a statement today, it said through this programme, students get to enjoy up to 20 per cent fare discounts all year round, with additional 10kg baggage allowance for all classes, one complimentary travel date change, special friends and family promotions and Enrich miles.

Group Chief Revenue Officer Ignatius Ong said to date, 1.2 million youths and students have travelled on Malaysia Airlines.

“These numbers are growing, and therefore it is only apt that we bring in a special student programme to cater to their travel needs. Whether for leisure or for school, students can enjoy some of the perks we will be offering them via MHexplorer,” he said.

MHexplorer is currently available for travel between Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom, and will gradually be available in other markets.

Students aged 18 to 26 years can sign up for MHexplorer at

Source: NST

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