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Android Beta Users Are Getting WhatsApp Dark Mode, iOS’ Coming Soon

The much anticipated WhatsApp Dark Mode is finally here—well, at least for some users for now.

Ever since the Dark Mode has slowly taken over our life, social medias are starting to get on this trend train. After Instagram, now WhatsApp is delving themselves into the dark side as well.

▲ How the WhatsApp Dark Mode is rumoured to look like.

In the latest info by WABetaInfo—a blog that tracks WhatsApp’s developments—the Facebook-owned social messaging app is working on rolling out their own dark mode! But the feature isn’t ready yet, instead users of Android Beta version of the app are the only ones who can access this, whilst iOS is said to have this release soon.

However, there isn’t any official announcement yet as to when the feature would be readily available for both Android and iOS users. Currently, they are testing out for iOS but it is still described as “under process and unstable”.

Maybe in 2020, both Android and iOS users can finally get a hand at the Dark Mode for 2020, and meanwhile let’s pray that Instagram would do mercy to Android users as well with their Dark Mode.

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