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Carousell is a Singaporean app that has become one of the top online selling apps for pre-loved items.

As you can see here, this husband is also very much pre-loved as his wife decided to put him for sale online! To make matters worse, she priced his value at a mere RM0.01 only.

Source: Lobak Merah

The reason behind Hanz Letty’s epic post is to announce his horrid behaviour to the world. Apparently, he cheated on her and did some nasty things such as drinking and sleeping around.

Some may not think that drinking and sleeping around is that bad of an issue. However, in Islam, these two activities carry great sin and are punishable by the Syariah Court.

It makes matters worse as he is a married man yet he is still sleeping around too.

Source: Lobak Merah

Her post description reads,

“Selling cheap. Cheater. Not coming home to the family.

“Clubber, womaniser, drunkard. Sleeps in different women’s homes but tells a sob story of how he slept in the car. Isn’t that sweet??? Ngawww.”

Source: Lobak Merah

Not only did Hanz shame her lying husband online, she also posted an ad of the mistress for rent at only RM0.50!

“She says she’s a widow. The trick is, he will block this lady when he comes home. He said this girl owes him money and tries to find this girl, and calls this girl many times.

“The funny part is; this girl didn’t block him. He was the one who blocked her. Very funny right? But the number is not even in the call history.”

Basically, the hubby lied over and over again.

Source: Lobak Merah

According to Lobak Merah, of course, many people noticed the price difference and questioned it. One netizen said,

“Why is the price not the same? If it’s the same then only will it be sweet and matching.”

Another netizen replied,

“The price cannot be the same since the items aren’t the same.”

Others just couldn’t stop laughing at how the two ‘lovebirds’ were priced and that their condition was tagged under ‘used’.

This goes to show why we should always remain faithful towards our partners. You never know when things might go crazy and you’ll suddenly be shot to fame.

Hopefully things can be resolved between the husband and wife, and the mistress.

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