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Horrendous Accident Leaves Couple Hurt but Child Miraculous Unharmed

Viral video of a freak traffic accident in India has left the internet both stunned and relieved.

The 50-second footage – which was captured by the dashcam of a nearby car – has all the elements of a physics-defying Bollywood film action sequence (complete with happy ending).

The clip opens with a view of a busy, divided highway in Bangalore.

Suddenly, at the 7-second mark, a speeding motorcycle practically hugging the concrete guardrail shoots into view – only to instantly collide with another motorcycle which had been partially concealed by a car.

The second motorcycle runs into the guardrail, causing its rider to fall heavily onto the road, his helmet flying away from him.

The speeding motorcycle, meanwhile, moves along as a sari-clad woman and its male driver tumble off, land on the road and skid for several feet.

Unfortunately, there is a third occupant on the vehicle – a 5-year-old girl – and she is carried away on the speeding bike, seemingly towards a tragic fate. Ominously, a humungous trailer truck runs parallel with the motorcycle as it continues its journey.

Somehow managing to avoid other vehicles zooming along the highway, the motorcycle steers itself from the left lane, over the middle lane, and to the shoulder of the right lane, which borders the grass-covered highway median.

As if scripted by the thriller movie Gods, the motorcycle then slows down and tips over – seeming to gently deliver the little girl onto the median, roughly 800 feet away from where the initial collision had taken place.

At this point, a horde of motorists rushes towards the spot where the girl had fallen, some abandoning their cars by the side of the road to sprint across the highway.

The first man to reach the child lifts her aloft – and it is clear that she is not seriously injured.

According to the New York Post, the girl’s mother, who fell from the motorcycle, was also only slightly injured. The man, presumed to be her father, however, was charged with “rash and negligent driving.”

But as far as the girl is concerned, if this isn’t an example of deus ex machina, we don’t know what is.

Watch the crazy incident here:

Source: NST

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