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Jalur Gemilang, PKR Flag and Baju Melayu Proudly Paraded at FIFA World Cup 2018

The PKR flag and Jalur Gemilang were recently spotted at the FIFA World Cup games.

It’s all thanks to Suniljit Singh, 27, Palvinder Singh, 28 and Sri Gurveer Singh, 25 who went to Russia on June 10th and brought these flags along with them.

Suniljit told the press,

It’s great going to Russia even though the Malaysia team is not playing. Many are here because of love of their own country, so why not us?

“With the spirit of a new Malaysia, we are proud of the changes that have happened in our country.

“That’s why we brought the Jalur Gemilang and the PKR flag to football’s biggest competition.”

It went pretty viral over at the cold country too. Many people actually went up to the trio to ask about the flags and take photos with them.

They’ve decided on this plan for quite a while too.

“I told myself that this could be a once in a lifetime experience. So we just went ahead with the plan.

“Flight and accommodation costs were about RM15,000 to RM18,000 per person.”

The group don’t plan on stopping just there too. They want to bring these flags around the world.

“It’s not just about the football matches. We also want to visit the historical buildings of those countries.

“I wouldn’t mind learning the Russian language if there are any willing teachers. Communication is a bit hard here.”

Aside from the flag, it seems the baju melayu is also making its international debut. Another Malaysian was spotted dressed in the gorgeous traditional outfit.

All thanks to Putra Tahsrinudin Tajudin, 32, who decided to put on the attire, complete with a sampin, to the football event.

The Perak-born lad said he wanted to show off the outfit to the world and thought what better venue than the World Cup in Russia where supporters from all across the world gathered to support their favourite team.

Apart from Jalur Gemilang and Perak flags, his also bought a Russian fur hat to take the place of a songkok to go with his outfit.

Putra told the press that he too received a lot of curious questions.

“True enough, people were curious and wondered what I was wearing.”

Putra said during the Portugal v Morocco match, a Russian television crew had interviewed him and asked about his outfit and experience there.

“I was nervous but excited at the same time but I manage to explain to them what I was wearing.”

Putra said his “Russian adventure” ends on June 24.

Though we may not qualify at the World Cup, our flag is still being proudly waved at the event. Thank you to these great Malaysians who decided to share a piece of our wonderful nation with the world.



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