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Nike Chose This Rising Malaysian Model To Be The Face Of Its New Hijabi Swimwear Line

We are proud Malaysians!

Malaysians are making waves, breaking barriers with international brands and we couldn’t be prouder!

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Recently, Nike international sportswear brand has launched its New Victory Swim Collection,an  active wear line specifically designed for modestly dressed women. Nike’s new invention is said to inspire women particularly hijabis to discover the joy of sport, regardless of their backgrounds, body types, aspirations and abilities. 

Much to our surprise, this international active wear line apparently choose a Malaysian model to be the face of its new collection!

The rising star model Arinna Erin Wira is no stranger in the fashion game, she’s a Malaysian model based in UK. Arinna is currently signed under BAME Models and recently graduated  from Brunel University in London with a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Social Media.

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Bismillah… In 2013, my dad told me I didn’t need to go for my diploma graduation ceremony because I’d be going for my undergrad and Masters graduation ceremony in the future. I thought he was crazy and was dreaming way too big especially when I literally just finished my diploma, the fact that he was already thinking about Masters was too much for me to comprehend. One thing about me is that I have the biggest self doubt anyone could ever possess. I look down on myself more than anyone else could. My parents are the reason I am who I am today, the constant lectures, repetitive arguments, pressuring me to do things I didn’t want to do only because I had no self confidence, telling me I could do so much more if I just push myself and go beyond my insecurities. Ngl, it took me 6 years to believe them. I thought I knew myself more than they knew what I was capable of doing. I thought I was a failure even without trying. They didn’t see that obviously, they saw something in me that wasn’t even there yet. My dearest sweetest mummy has always been there from my lowest lows to my highest highs. She’s the main reason why I became a model, she’s the person who encouraged me to try new things and just ‘go for it.’ I had the best of both worlds, striving in my studies and experimenting with the creative/ artistic side. I had THE WORST year in London, hated my parents for sending me here to suffer. Stayed in my dorm for an entire year, refused to live life. Was thinking way too much about not spending money so I won’t be a burden, everything became an issue because I was just miserable. But they knew it would change if I just put the effort to change the direction of my view. Long story short, they were right about everything. It’s 2019, I am now a degree holder of Master of Science In Business Intelligence and Social Media and I am happy and grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. This is for my parents, I am forever indebted to them. Daddy’s back home in Malaysia but he made sure I knew I made him proud. I love you both so much ♥️

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And as always, the news of  such accomplishment made by our fellow Malaysian went viral on Twitter. Check out what the netizens say :

In a statement released by Nike, the new collection comes with a swim separate options— Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top, the Nike Victory Swim Leggings and The Swim Hijab. The hijab comes with a mesh net to hold hair in place, so female athletes who wear them don’t have to “choose between modesty and movement.

This collection is set to launch on 1st February 2020.  

Again, congratulations to our homegrown girl for this outstanding achievement!

Source: NIKE official website

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