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Put Your Masks On! Malaysia Is About To Get Hit With Some Serious Air Pollution Problem Due To Forest Fires In Indonesia

Here’s some bad news to Malaysian because we are all about to get hit with some serious air pollution, again!


It looks like Indonesia, our lovely neighbour is back to combat the forest fires and  Malaysia for the 10th time again is going to face the consequence of such action, well what to do? Since we’re a close lovey dovey neighbour..

According to several reports, Indonesia declared an emergency in six provinces on the Island of Sumatra and Kalimantan  and it looks like thousands of military and police were deployed to douse forest fires in six areas near Sumatra and Kalimantan, reported New Straits Times. 

The government in Indonesia is planning to create artificial rain to put out the fires, but still..


Kuala Lumpur main areas such as Selangor, Putrajaya and also northern state of Penang could be the victim of this haze-y situation for 7 remaining days.

Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) Deputy Director General (Operations) Muhammad Helmi Abdullah also said that the slight increased in API reading in the southwest of Peninsular Malaysia will be followed by Southwest Monsoon winds and stable, dry weather.

Guys, please put your mask on and drink plenty of plain water. Don’t forget to stay hydrate and safe!





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