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This Creepy 3D Video is So Real, It Will Spook You Like Crazy

It is a wonder how realistic computer-generated imagery (CGI) has become today. Although not everyone can achieve Hollywood-level skills yet, some people are still capable of making magnificent edits.

Of course, you could only imagine the amount of skills Justin Leduc has after his 25-second hyper-realistic clip went viral online.

In the video, you can see the famed Golden Gate Bridge covered in rain and fog while a gigantic grim reaper hovers over the cars driving by. And the entire view is captured from a man’s perspective located in a helicopter.

The best part is, at one point, the man was adjusting his lens which made the imagery go out of focus for a moment which is probably the. most. realistic. aspect.

The man had a following of 13,000 on Instagram for his many breathtaking infusion of real life photos with skilful edits. However, in less than a day of posting the eerie video onto the platform, he has almost 400,000 followers (as of press time)!

Justin’s video has been featured and shared by many famous accounts, including his very own idol, American visual effects artist Andrew Kramer.

Follow Justin’s Instagram account for more astonishing pictures and videos.

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