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Take A Look At 2020’s Bridal Trends With This Malaysian Designer’s Night At The Museum

A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for woman-it must reflect the personality and style of the bride…

What’s one of the best things in life? Well, if you ask us..We’d say weddings! We love everything about weddings, from the moment two souls decide to spend the rest of their lives together, to choosing the wedding dress. Weddings are beautiful, but in Malay culture, there are certain traditions and uniqueness in Malay weddings that sets us apart from other wedding scenes, making it more meaningful. 

Songket has long been a quintessential element in our culture and it had always been ideal amongst Malaysian brides, when selecting fabrics for their wedding dress. To this date, Songket is more than just a piece of fabric or fashion statement, it represents the timeless and exquisite heritage of Malaysia. 

Adila Long’s collections tell the story of Songket in a modern-classic narrative.

Adila’s Night At The Museum is more than just your typical runway scene. The museum itself was Adila’s idea, insisting that the artifacts told stories and it goes well with her signature Songket style as she wanted to make sure all of her pieces and collections tell stories. 

Adila Long’s Night At The Museum show is made up of 18 Luxe and 12 Bridal pieces, all were hand-crafted in meticulous detail. 

“The idea of my creation being timeless is very important to me. My approach to design is inspired by my background in architecture – classic, clean and tailored.”

The meticulous detailed hand-embroidery, and the whole concept of traditional timeless looks were shown in each piece. Adila’s love for Songket knows no bounds. She knows how to push boundaries, taking risks in her bold and sublime pieces. The romantic pastel tones and colors in each collection highlight Adila’s dreamy signature style, in the most delicate and captivating way. 

“My favourite about a piece is always the oriental high collared look, it’s very neat and regal!”-Adila

Adila expressed her hopes for songket to be appreciated and valued and that we must be proud of our rich local history, culture, arts and crafts. Through her songket bridal collection we have to say, Darling, you look pretty in white but you look exceptional in Adila Long. 

Photo Credit: Adila Long 

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