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Thousands of Fans Sent Hilarious Audition Tapes Right After Harry Styles Rumoured to Play Prince Eric in the Coming “The Little Mermaid”

Once again, Twitter never disappoints!

It was only yesterday when news of Harry Styles rumoured to be in talk to play Prince Eric, aka every girls’ childhood crush in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid”. The news had brought mixed reactions from people all over the Internet; some were head over heels while some weren’t having none of it.

BUT, immediately after the reveal, Twitter is bombarded with tweets of fans sending their audition tapes online. But they weren’t the typical audition tapes! In fact, some apparently auditioned for the role of Prince Eric’s rat? The sand on the beach? And some even auditioned to be a kelp?

It appears that after the news broke, fans all over the world were so excited that they themselves took to Twitter to express their dreams to be in the same movie with Harry Styles. Even if their roles weren’t relevant at all! And this had sparked a hilarious yet creative trend on Twitter.

With captions like “me auditioning for (role) just to see Harry” or “me auditioning for (role) so I can be close to Harry” attached with some of the most outrageous memes out there are some of the thousands of funny examples. Just type in “me auditioning” on Twitter and you’ll might spend the next 2 hours looking at memes, laughing your a** off on your phone screen.

Some of our favourite mentions are:

The list goes on and we never had enough! LOL

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