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Top 8 Craziest Things Malaysian Kids Used to Do When Our Parents Weren’t Home

Do you still remember all the cheeky and funny things we did when we were still a little kid while our parents were away from home? And when our parents found out, they gave us the *ss whooping of our lives.

Good memories, right?

Let us reminisce 8 of the cheekiest things we did when our parents weren’t home.

1. Play with our mother’s make up

Image via Kidspot

Unlike the kids today, we used to be filled with lots of curiosity. Regardless if we are guys or girls, we always wanted to do just as what mummy did every morning – apply make up on our faces.

When we saw our mums putting make up on, we often wondered why was she putting all sorts of colours on her face. So, in order to satisfy our curiosity, we would secretly put on our mother’s red lipstick, purple eye shadow and pink blusher.

However, when she found out, we definitely got scolded for playing with her expensive make up.


2. Put on our mothers’ dresses and high heels

Image via Today

Every kid has always wanted to feel like adults, so of course we thought that dressing like one would make us one.

Sometimes, we even imagined ourselves to be Miss Universe by walking around in those heels and dress, and also wave like how Miss Universe does on stage.


3. Stealing food from the fridge

Image via Youtube

Growing up, we can definitely remember how our parents used to forbid us from eating too much chocolates, candies, ice creams and all things sweet. So, the only chance we got to consume all these ‘off-limit’ foods is when our parents went out and left us alone at home.

We secretly opened up the fridge and found all the sinful snacks and indulged in them while sitting in front of the fridge.


4. Building imaginary castles

Image via knowyourmeme

When we were younger, we all wanted to be pretty princesses or dashing princes. We wanted to live in castles and be treated like royalty.

But alas, not all dreams come true so we could only make forts out of our furniture which obviously our parents were not happy about. So we could only do so when they went out.


5. Play with water

Playing with water is fun but wasteful. We loved spending time in the bathroom splashing away during shower time but since water costs money too, our parents would drag us out once we were clean.

Well, when our parents weren’t home, they couldn’t drag us out right? Which is why we spent a lot of time drenching ourselves in water.


6. Cosplay at home

We often hear kids chasing other kids, and say ‘Bad guy, stand still, I’m gonna catch you!’. So, after our parents go out, kids will play cosplay at home and make a huge mess.

We will use blankets or towels as long cape, and act like superheroes from television by jumping from one sofa to another. If we have sisters, then we will use them as princess in distress, and we will act as the prince charming to rescue the princess. 


7. Draw on the walls

Image via Nido Kidos

Kids love to draw, especially on the wall. Of course, it is probably the most damaging thing we wanted to do, but we did it anyways when they weren’t home to stop us.

Ultimately, because we can’t erase the damage nor hide it for too long, we ended up getting into major trouble.



8. Watch cartoons non-stop

Image via Bloggityboop

When we were younger, we weren’t allowed to sit in front of the TV all day to watch cartoons. We had to do those boring homework and study all day. We were probably only allowed an hour of TV time which as we all know, its NOT enough.

So, the only time that we can sneak in some cartoon time is when our parents weren’t around.


We might have gotten into lots of trouble when we did all these 8 activities but they definitely bring back lots of sweet memories for us. Some of these memories are so awesome that we could even tell our children and even grandkids about the *ss whooping we got.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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