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(VIDEO) Langkawi Launched A Brand New Water Theme Park, Check Out These 12 Giant Slides

Have you ever been to a water theme park with 12 giant number of slides?If you never have, then we actually have! 

We kid you not! For the first time ever, in the state of Langkawi, yes that famous tourist attraction and duty free state recently launched a brand new water theme park called Splash Out. 

“The Water Park spreads across 12 acres and has a giant number of 12 slides and rides”

Designed with a classic coastal architecture at the forefront, Splash Out Langkawi, sets amidst 12 acres and offers a never-ending escapade of spills and trills for everyone.

Located in Kuah Town, Langkawi Island and next to Bella Vista Hotel in Kuah, it only takes 8 minutes from the Jetty Point Duty Free and 23 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport to arrive there.


“Splash Out Langkawi is designed to be a fantastical kingdom where great exploits happen everyday”

The thrilling slides are inspired by explorers and marine voyagers of yore who sailed the seven seas to discover new worlds.


This water craze will take you on an immersive 12 thrill seeking slides and rides — Ragin Racers, SplashTacular, Shipwreck Fall, Splash Twister, Poseidon’s Revenge, Perfect Storm, Big Splash Kingdom, Wild Water, Rainbow Rider, Splash-Phyton, Sprinkle Island and River of Life. 

Set your heart racing like never before and experience an adrenaline rush when you embark into the most trilling rides on ‘Perfect Storm’, which has seven types of waves, comprise of six storeys. The rides even bear a striking resemblance from the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘The Perfect Storm’. 


For those daredevils, ‘Ragin Racers’ letzs you scream hard when slide down at a top speed of 50 km/per hour. 

“For those adrenaline junkies, there are more thrilling slides with an unforgettable slide experience and amazing visual effects”

Seek for an adventurous fainthearted rides with The SplashTacular, Shipwreck Falls, Poseidon’s Revenge, where you can slide in top speed, and that ultimately plummet into a black hole of visual effects. 


“Splash Out And Embark On A Fun Exciting Water Playgrounds With Your Family”

For a safer and gentle ride for the whole family, embark on a crazy Wild Water wave pool or head over to the River of Life. Enjoy a gentle tumble and splash along the 330 meters a lazy stretch of river in inflatable floats or just get drenched over 250 litres of water in its Big Splash Kingdom.


For kids around the age of 4-6 years old, there’s also a new interactive water playground themed called Sprinkle Island which offers  a safe and fun splash beneath water sprinklers.


Indulge In  Delicious Food & Beverage And Dining Outlets 

Feeling famish after the whole day getting wet into a splashy water playground? Then it’s time to take your whole family at the dining outlets or enjoy some light snacks and desserts at the East India Coffee & Tea Company. 

We bet your kids love snacks and treats as much as we do, because there’s also a Bass Harbour Outpost & Supply Retail Shop for your kids to munch.

       Family friendly water park complete with facilities

Splash Out Langkawi is a family friendly water park with facilities such as strollers, lockers, first-aid room, changing & nursing rooms and prayer rooms. 

And fret not, Splash Langkawi also intends to play host to corporate events, company team building and school field trips. 

Attention, here’s some good news for all Kedahans!

Splash Out is offering a 50% off discount for you from 15 Dec to 31 Dec 2019. And for those of you who are not Kedahans, the admission rate is so affordable. The ticket price is only RM 40 for senior netizens, RM 55 for children and RM 75 for adults. Here’s some tips! don’t forget check their online website for more cheaper price.

The water theme park open on weekdays, Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm, weekends, public holidays and school holidays from 10 am to 7 pm. 

Check out the video promo below:

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