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Watch How This Malaysian-US Born Girl Inspires People At Her Graduation Ceremony

We’d say, ‘raise a glass to Lisa Kamal’

Nothing beats graduation speech when you belted out  Grammy-winning album and famous Broadway musical, Hamilton in front of almost 7,000 people at your graduation ceremony!

On Monday, Lisa Kamal who graduated from  University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA made headline with her inspiring graduation speech. 

Lisa—a big fan of Hamilton, Lisa admitted that it was their soundtrack that became her “coping mechanism” during her tough times and journey to complete her studies. 

Lisa kicked off her speech with the soundtrack from Hamilton, 

“Raise a glass to freedom. Raise a glass to all of us. Telling the story of today.”

Lisa’s journey did not come easy as she admit that it was through a lot of hard work and struggle that she managed to complete her studies, thanking her friends for all of their support in her life. 

“My second year in college, I suffered burnout to the point of losing motivation to finish this degree. I could not have finished college without the friends that I (have) made here. They got me through a lot of late nights at the library.”

She took a last look at her friends before continues, 

You (have) made it here to the last act. You (have) made the choice to rise up and give yourself another chance to start over every single morning.”

She then added that students like her juggled a lot on their plates, including studies and relationships with friends and family, especially when her family is living in Malaysia. 

Lisa’s monumental speech topped with her achievement, she was awarded ‘On To The Future’ award  from the Geological Society of America. She will be heading back to Malaysia to complete her five year work commitments with Petronas. 

Watch her inspirational speech below:

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