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Did you missed out on this year’s Kuala Lumpur International Craft Festival (KLFIC) 2017? Are you curious to find out what happened?

Well, if you don’t know about this festival, it is not your everyday boring festival where people only dance and sing, and make you yawn. Seriously, guys!

This time, KLFIC actually brought cool talented artists from all over the world including Argentina, Indonesia, and Ukraine. 

Of course, you might want to check this man out! He is our Malaysian homegrown artist, Eddie Putera, a photographer, scale modeler, visual artist and drone pilot.

With nearly over 84.9 k followers on Instagram, this man brings something cool to the world of crafts.

He always jokes about having no talent in writing or acting, however, he is a man with a story to tell. He took a great interest in photography and visual arts and then started to create dioramas.

You might be thinking what is all the fuss about? Well, a diorama is actually a 3D miniature model.

Eddie described dioramas as a way for him to tell stories to people. His precise work on dioramas and miniature figures received an overwhelming response from people, mainly those who live abroad.

Through his website, he displays his work of arts with a price range from RM150 to RM1,750. Going more than a thousand ringgit definitely seems pricey but his art pieces are definitely worth it. 



Eddie explained that he loves to bring old memories to life.

“People mostly buy my arts as  a gift. I have a customer who made a request  to decorate his grandfather’s village and his old Volkswagen car. He showed me the picture  and asked me to turn it into diorama replica.

“It actually took me months to do it because it is hard to find the  Volkswagen car replica, but I manage to get it at toys shop.

“The customer gave it to his grandfather as an anniversary gift and his grandfather shed tears looking at the diorama.”

Still not convinced about his works? 

1. His diorama and miniature arts are amazing!                                                                 

The man himself took a week to complete one miniature model or sometimes a month to complete 4 to 5 of them. Eddie wrote on his blog that he worked on his own time and does not have any specific time or schedule.


Image via epdiorama


2. His funny AF captions on Instagram

This man is really cool and always make funny remarks on his Instagram posts. Check out some of his funniest captions!

Image via epdiorama


3. His diorama sets are available for purchase!

For those of you who wanted to keep a piece of his dioramas to yourself, don’t worry, you can check out the website for more info.

Image via epdiorama


Aren’t they just so cool? What are you waiting for? Go follow him now! 😀

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