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Learn About The Stone Age Era Through a Fun and Entertaining Show

Around 12,000 years ago, humans began to settle following a long period as nomadic hunters and gatherers.

During this era, known as the Stone Age, man created imposing large-scale monuments such as Stonehenge in southern England, Malta’s temple complexes and the megalithic wonder of Carnac in France.

There are a LOT which we don’t know about today even though we’ve uncovered a lot of historical artefacts and documents. Even with the large archive we have now, there’s no telling what other major events are actually missing.

Every single day, our historians are constantly doing more and more research into the past.

Of course, we also need to do our part in understand what has happened before. Therefore, many facts have been turned into documentaries these days for easy absorption of such information.

Check out the two-part documentary title DocFilm: Secrets of the Stone Age which sheds light on the cultural background of the sites and shows what technical and practical challenges our ancestors had to overcome at the time.

Part 1 starts on Tuesday, 12th March 2019 at 8.15am with repeats at 3.15pm and 5.15pm. Meanwhile, Part 2 will take place on the following day at the same timings.

Catch it live on DW via tonton. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

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