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Media Prima Nurtures Sincerity Through ‘Setulus Ikhlas’

We have all been thankful and have said thank you, but all of that would not have a meaning without sincerity. 

In 2019, Media Prima Television Network (MPTN) and Samsung jointly brings ‘Setulus Ikhlas’, also activated by 100PLUS, as a new theme for the group’s Ramadan Raya campaign. 

Last year’s ‘Syukur Selalu’ opened our hearts to be grateful for the blessings that we received. The words ‘thank you’ emphasises the importance of  being thankful and cultivate love and harmony amongst one another. 

However, this year’s ‘Setulus Ikhlas’ wants to embed the importance of doing something with pure sincerity. Sincerity is a personal reflection and clarity of the heart, and a sincere heart gives birth to a calm soul. 

‘Setulus Ikhlas’ wants to inculcate the act of doing something out of sincerity without expecting anything in return. 

The month of Ramadan is the perfect month for us to do everything with an open heart and sincerely in all aspects; especially in worship, work and our relationship with others. 

Encik Johan Ishak, CEO of Media Prima Television Network Berhad said, 

“The Ramadan Raya campaign is the our group’s biggest campaign. ‘Setulus Ikhlas’ is the most suitable theme to fit with the context of today’s society, where we often forget to be sincere in our responsibilities and lives.

“The message will be delivered through the many programs that we have in store throughout the month of Ramadan and Syawal.

“MPTN also wishes to extend many thanks to Samsung, 100PLUS and to all our sponsors that have enliven our Ramadan Raya campaign.”

Mr Johan also added, 

“To further strengthen the relationship with the community, MPTV will be holding programs such as ‘Check-in Kampung’ and the Grand Ramadan Raya Bazar in collaboration with Build Up Resources Sdn Bhd (BUR).

“This year, MPTN is also collaborating with Central i-City Shah Alam to expand the theme and concept of ‘Setulus Ikhlas’.”

MPTN wants to celebrate its loyal fans and are more than happy to be giving back to the society. Nearing this festive season, the group wants everyone to have the feeling of doing good deeds sincerely and helpful for all. 

In today’s modern world of technology, anyone is bound to trigger a phenomenon solely by using their own phone camera.

Samsung’s smartphones are now the choice of young people who want everything in reach at their fingertips, easy and accessible to connect.

In line with the ‘Setulus Ikhlas’ campaign, it is very coherent to bridge the gaps and create memories with relatives and friends who you only get to meet once a year. Despite the  modern living style of these young people, they are still traditionally and culturally acclaimed with sincerity.

Each year, everyone awaits for the exciting program lineup that will be aired on all MPTN channels in the month of Ramadan and Syawal. 

Among the exciting line-ups that will be presented during Ramadan Raya are the signature programs such as Raudah, Jejak Rasul Ulul Azmi, Jom Berbuka, Sembang Sahur, and many more. 

Meanwhile, serial drama slots through Akasia, Iris, Lestary, Samarinda and the special Ramadan Raya Tele film will also be lined up with great actors like Nabila Huda, Nad Zainal, Zara Zya, Alif Satar, Janna Nick, Shukri Yahaya, Tiz Zaqyah, Izzue Islam, Shahrul Ridzwan, etc.

Let the campaign be the talk of town by sharing the sincerity through the hashtag #Setulusikhlas on your social media platforms.

For more information, visit xtra and follow @TV3malaysia on our official Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Have a happy Ramadan and remember to always be sincere! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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