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Netizens Can’t Wait for Pulang to Be Released After Being Teased by 3 Trailers

Pulang has become one of the most anticipated local movies for 2018 after three amazing teaser trailers were released.

The film, which was shot at Pantai Penarik, Terengganu, will absolutely showcase a stunning tale like no other local production has before.

Filled with breathtaking scenery, heartbreaking love stories, nail-biting suspense and even thrilling action scenes, Pulang promises to be a box office-breaking film.

Many people would often think that Malaysian-made movies aren’t up to standards but don’t be mistaken with this particular movie. From the teasers alone, we can tell that it is of Hollywood quality.

Even the acting skills are phenomenal as it stars great actors and actresses like Remy Ishak, Puteri Aishah Sulaiman, Alvin Wong, Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan and more.

After watching the three teaser trailers, many netizens were excited to watch the movie.

Some commented,

“Wow! Looks amazing and I can’t wait to watch it.”

“We must watch our husband (Remy) in action!”

“The poster itself wins it all already. Pretty sure the movie will be great.”

Meanwhile, many people questioned when will the movie be released.

“What’s the date (of release)?”

“When will it be out? I need to watch my abang Remy!”

Indeed, the trailers are super exciting. Check out the third teaser here:

If you haven’t watched the first and second teasers, you can catch them here and here respectively.

Aren’t you just as excited for the movie?

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