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In January 2016, Fox released a brand new TV series called Lucifer. It is loosely based on Mike Carey’s comic book series by the same title.

The main character, Lucifer Morningstar become bored of taking care of hell. Yes, the Devil himself became unhappy reigning the realm of damnation.

So, he decided to abandon his super hot kingdom and go to Los Angeles and joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as their consultant.

Meanwhile, he runs a nightclub called Lux whilst juggling his day job.

Now, the show is in the middle of their third season. In the latest episode titled “Til Death Do Us Part”, Lucifer was investigating the death of a woman.


The woman turned out to be a ‘cook’, a term for people who make drugs. She had made one of the bestselling drugs called “K-pop”.

To investigate further, Lucifer visited the nightclub where the Korean gangsters often hung out. Of course, the Devil wanted to go straight to the big boss and meet the man himself, but the henchmen wouldn’t allow it.

They broke out into a big fight, and while they were fighting away, SHINee’s Lucifer plays in the background!

This particular song was one of the group’s initial track that slingshot them to fame. The fun beat and rhythm of the song has got many people dancing along to it ever since its release.

Fans of SHINee were also particularly excited by this inclusion ever since one of the members, Jonghyun, passed away last month.

The wounds are still fresh, but being able to see the band reach out all the way to even Hollywood has helped give everyone a little bit of fresh hope and happiness.

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