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Join The #EjenAliTheMovie Challenge On TikTok And Win A Huawei Mate 30!

Ejen Ali is back, back, back again!

With the recent success of Ejen Ali: The Movie hitting its outstanding milestone of 20 millions with just only its second week of showing on the big screens, the long-awaited local animated film has definitely not only left a mark on Malaysia’s film industry; it has also created a phenomenon that no one had expected!

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Owing to its light-hearted yet action-packed plot dynamics, the film that features 12-year-old Ali as the main protagonist had taken the nation by storm. Cool gadgets, stunning graphics and rib-tickling comedy; these are the elements that made this movie a hit amongst both the young ones and the grown ups.

But one particular scene that is idiosyncratic in the film was the ‘Mamak Maju’ dance!

From it fun beat up to the comical dance moves, the song immediately became viral as soon as the first note hit the cinema’s speakers.

And because of this, it has created ‘Mamak Maju Dance Challenge’!

Since this phenomenon has became way too popular amongst fans’, Primework Studios is starting a #MamakMajuDanceChallenge on TikTok for people to join! 

Dance it, record it, hashtag it and post it!

That is literally what it takes to join in the fun! Not only you can sport your finest dance moves on the rapid-growing social platform, you might walk away with a Huawei Mate 30 in your hands if your lucky!

So, what are you waiting for? Groove on your best dance moves to the ‘Mamak Maju’ dance and post it on TikTok with the hashtag #MamakMajuDanceChallenge and #EjenAliTheMovie.

All the best of luck and may the best dancer win!

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