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Watch PRODUCE X 101 Season 4 via Streaming on JOOX

Here’s your chance to enjoy your favourite K-Pop entertainment and cheer for its future rising stars!

JOOX proudly delivers more of the best and hottest music and entertainment shows in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and is now bringing you more intense excitement from Korea by exclusively live-streaming PRODUCE X 101 Season 4 on its platform.

Held by Mnet, a South Korean pay television music channel, the past three seasons of ‘Produce 101’ have received global acclaim and praise.

The show has surged in popularity among Asian countries, who have witnessed contestants delivering their best, sensational performances in front of an audience who voted for their favourites in multiple elimination rounds.

Premiering on May 3, ‘PRODUCE X 101’ will be live-streamed on both Mnet’s channel and JOOX exclusively at the same time. Don’t miss this show if you are an absolute fan of K-pop!

JOOX ‘PRODUCE X 101’ Livestream Schedule:

Original Release: May 3, 2019
Number of Episodes: 12
Time: Every Friday, 10pm

Updated versions with Chinese, English, local language subtitles will be uploaded to JOOX shortly after the official broadcast of each episode.

Committed to turning up the K-Pop heat to fever pitch in this region by giving its users the best music experience, JOOX has been delivering exclusive live-streams of the most electrifying Korean entertainment shows and events like no one else does.

Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent IBG, said

“We are excited to partner with Mnet, as an official live-streaming platform for PRODUCE X 101, on this special journey to deliver high-quality music performances to K-pop lovers.

“K-pop is taking audiences all over the world by storm.

“We are proud to be offering a special entertainment experience to our users, and are determined to promote the K-pop culture to K-pop lovers in Asia.”

‘Produce 101’ is a group talent show series on Mnet in Korea that premiered in 2016, where the audience selects a band among 101 trainees through online and live voting with multiple elimination rounds.

The program’s host as well as experienced and famous mentors, such as Lee Dong-wookalso give the participants grades and guidance according to their performances.

On top of this, the trainees have to live together, receive training, complete missions and compete against each other to be a part of the final 11 members, who will be promoted as a group for five years.

K-Pop lovers can enjoy their favourite music and live performances for free by downloading JOOX on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or accessing the JOOX website.

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