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5 Reasons Why This Hotel in KLIA 2 is The Best Hotel While in Transit in Kuala Lumpur

Let’s get real. Not many people would go on Google to search for “The best transit hotel in town” when they are travelling. Chances are, the travelers would settle for the first hotel they see in the airport to get some shut eye and refresh themselves before boarding to another city.

If you’re one of these travelers, then let me tell you something.


More prominently located airport hotels usually cost a lot while offering limited services. This independent hotel in KLIA 2 has so much to offer and is highly recommended to transit and transfer travelers! Here are 5 reasons why:


  1. Strategic location

Photo credit: Tune Hotels

Tune Hotel – KLIA2 is a short hop away from the airport! For travelers it is a quick 10 – minute walk via a bridge that links the terminal with Tune Hotel – KLIA2.


  1. Reasonable price

Photo credit: Tune Hotels


This hotel is also famously known for its incredible value. The rate differs across different kinds of packages that guests can choose from. This includes Early Morning Arrivals (between 5AM to 10AM) in which guests will have the leisure to enjoy a 2 hour stay. Another great package is the Easy Day Layovers (between 7AM to 7PM) for guests to rest and kill some time before boarding their next flight. Finally the KLIA2 VIP Package is especially for guests with early morning flight out and would like additional sleep before rushing off to the airport.


  1. Ultimate comfort

Photo credit: Tune Hotels

The recently upgraded rooms in Tune Hotel – KLIA2 provide even more comfort and convenience for guests including the luxury of a 5 star bed at a very affordable price, free breakfast, cozy lounge and many more.



  1. Free breakfast

Photo credit: Tune Hotels

Tune Hotel – KLIA 2 provides two types of breakfast; Grab & Go breakfast with coffee as well as a classic hotel buffet breakfast that is served at its restaurant, MAKAN. The buffet starts early, running 5AM to 10AM to cater for early morning departures and arrivals.


  1. VIP Fast Track Pass

Photo credit: Tune Hotels

The VIP Fast Track Pass offered by Tune Hotels is the cherry on top of a creamy good sundae! This Fast Track Pass allows guests to cut the queue at the Air Asia check-in counter as well as the immigration counter. This helps you get an extra precious few minutes of beauty sleep, especially if you have early morning flight.

Finally, I know the title says 5 reasons but I have to add an extra. My favourite reason of all, especially for H&H readers!


  1. Aesthetic

Photo credit: Tune Hotels

Tune Hotel in KLIA 2 is definitely breathtaking! I have a deep aesthetic appreciation towards the interior design of this hotel. Almost every spot is instagrammable! I mean what else do we (millennials) need?


Doesn’t this hotel sound absolutely incredible? 

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