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6 K-Pop Idols Who Have Debuted in More Than One Group

Usually in the K-Pop industry, idols would spend a long period of time being a trainee under different entertainment agencies in order to debut on stage. Just like Jihyo of Twice, she had spent almost 10 years being a trainee under JYP Entertainment before successfully recognized as the charming main vocalist of Twice.

However, did you know that some of your oppas or unnies have actually received second shot before marking their names into worldwide fame?


Well, here are some of the K-Pop idols who have received second shot or in fact more than one before becoming famous!


Did you know that Eunbi has actually debuted as a member of another girl group back in 2014 before she was announced as the charismatic leader of IZ*ONE last year? If you didn’t, you’re probably not alone! Before she was known as Eunbi, Kwon Eunbi first debuted in a 8-member group called Ye-A. The group didn’t manage to do well after it’s debut stage and had disbanded in the following year.


This one probably you’d know. But if you didn’t, gurrl you have slept on one of the most underrated group ever! Minhyun before Wanna One, was initially known as a member of Nu’est and had debuted way back in 2012. However, after releasing few hit songs, the group got ‘locked’ in Pledis Entertainment’s basement and was kept in hiatus for years! Only to brought back into spotlight with their shocking wig-disintegrating audition for Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2!  


Yeonjung was very well-praised for her amazing vocals during her season of Produce 101 as a trainee representative from Starship Entertainment. Ever since, her talent is recognized by everyone that she was added as the 13th member representing the 13th zodiac sign Ophiucus of a one-year girl group at the moment Cosmic Girls (WJSN). Since her contract ended with I.O.I, she has been very active with WJSN and has recently released a summer bop “Boogie Up”!


After being recognized for his superb talent in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, he debuted under an alternate group of Wanna One which is JBJ, which consists of trainees who didn’t make it into the top 12 of the season. Before using Sanggyun as his stage name, the idol actually had debuted as Xeno-T, the rapper of a performance-based boy group called ToppDogg back in 2013. ToppDogg has actually released musics until 2018 before officially disbanded in that year, the same year JBJ’s contract ended. However, Sanggyun is still active in JBJ95, a duo together with fellow member Kenta.


This particular idol is so talented that she had actually debuted twice before debuting in a co-ed 4-member K-pop group KARD! Yes, it is none other than Somin. It was known that Somin was an active member of April, when suddenly she announced her out of the blue departure from the group! Fans were taken aback because it was so sudden. Turned out, she had joined KARD afterwards. However, did you actually know that Somin had her first debut stage in 2012? Yup, her first stage was with Purrety but didn’t do well and had disbanded two years later.


Okay, this might caught you off guard. Did you know that Mino of Winner was actually an idol back in 2011? Way before he appeared on the survival show ‘Winner’ of YG Entertainment. Mino made his first debut as a rapper along with 3 other members to form BoM. The group only lasted two years before announcing its disbandment.

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