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AJL33 Red Carpet Fashion Steals the Show Away

Celebrating the best songs in town also comes with being highly glitz and glam for the award ceremony. Tonight’s AJL fashion sense is served to you by many local and global designers.

The pieces are worn beautifully by fellow artists and celebrities who came to tone up the award.

Here are some of the looks serving at its best tonight!

1. Amylea and Kaer 

Dressed by fiziwoo a local designer, the couple is looking cute in this peach-like tone suit and dress.

A floral theme is seen on Amylea’s dress and that extra volume of ruffles add an edgy touch to the dress. As for Kaer, the line stripe on the pants are very trendy nowadays and he looks dashing as ever!


2. SonaOne, Alif, Joe Flizzow and Shuk 

Hip-hop’s got swag! Laid back and comfortable seems like it for these rappers.

SonaOne’s accessories completes his urban look and being cheeky as he is, he looks cute with the man bun too! Alif also has a gold chain around his neck-line making him look  finer!

Joe Flizzow’s wearing LV and signature shades on. Shuk looks very presentable in a dark purple suit while hosting for the Red Carpet. The gold on his shoes brightens up his look tonight!  


3. Zizi Kirana, Altimet, Juzzthin, Lil J, Balan Kashmir 

The jumpsuit on Zizi Kirana brings out the youth vibe with a vibrant purple colour and black shiney sequins along the top of the outfit, gives out that hip hop feels.

Atlimet keeping it casual, with a black suit and white shirt on the inside.

Juzzthin keeping it simple and humble like the man himself with nike sweatshirt and white sneakers! Lil J is also dressed in LV, with a long coat as overalls.

Balan keeps it old school with the Queens jersey and Nike sneakers! 


4. Hael Husaini

This 30 year old singer, going all white on the red carpet making him look like a million dollar. Tailored to perfection the all white suit really highlights Hael Husaini’s length and silhouette.

Excited for this stand alone and duet performance, let’s see how he’ll be doing later in the night!


5. Mark Adam and Shuib 

These two men showing up neat and sleek in well tailored suits. Mark Adam pulls off the classic suit with balanced colour combination and that purple pocket square enlightens the whole mood of the suit. 

Shuib goes bold with these vibrant colours on the red carpet. A patterned suit match with red pants is a refreshing match seen on the red carpet tonight! Here rooting for his wife, we hope that Siti Sarah performs well! 

These outfits are just perfect for the occasion and the designers have really put a lot of thought in effort in making each celebrity shine.

The outfits also suits well with the celebrities personality and its looks like they are all enjoying what they have on! 

Looking at all the dresses and suits were really eye freshening throughout the whole night!

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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